Source : Roewyth Atirk

Climate change and the ever increasing severe weather, will cost us trillions. In the future, if we do not act as fast as possible to eliminate all Co2 emissions World wide, we will not survive.

Do not give us that economy BS either , there are far more high paying long term jobs in the green sector then in the fossil fuel industry.

We are on the verge of a clean energy revolution, that will replace fossil fuels, and the faster the better.

LENR systems for industrial heat, will be going commercial soon, and that could reduce our use of fossil fuels, very fast by as much as 80 %.

Heating systems for power plants and factories can easily be replaced with 100% eco friendly LENR systems.

LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and the word nuclear is only used to describe the vast amount of excess energy created that can not be explained by a chemical process. ( by burning fossil fuels).

There is no radiation to worry about with LENR and no waste bi products.

Brillouin Energy claims to have total control of there system and can turn it on and off with a switch and raise and lower the temperature output, with applying effects.

Dr. Andrea Rossi inventor of The E Cat, stated he heated his laboratory for a six month period of time with about $10.00 worth of nickel and hydrogen, and created no pollution of any kind.

Graphene Super Capacitors will power electric vehicles of all sizes, very soon, and will charge maybe faster then you can fill up your car with fuel.

These graphene super capacitors could out last several vehicles and if they ever die, you can remove the wires, and dispose of it in your garden 100% carbon and non toxic.

Canadian companies Sunvault Energy and Supervault Energy are leading the way in this field with a 10,000 farad super capacitor that is very cheap.

Tesla claims his battery factory, will lower the cost of his batteries to $500 /kwr by 2020, and Supervault’s super capacitor is now about $100 /kwr and they expect to lower that to $40.00 per kilowatt hour by year end.

Sunvault Energy also has a solar panel system, where the super capacitor and solar panel, are all in one cell, eliminating the need for batteries, and also remember very fast charge.

Maybe three or four these solar panels can replace a roof top full of solar panels and no need for batteries, dramatically reducing costs.

We are on the verge of a clean energy revolution that will create many jobs, and make our lives better with transportation costing fractions of what it does today, goods and services will get cheaper and heating our homes will almost be free.

Companies to watch : LENR : Brillouin Energy, Industrial Heat, BlackLight Power, Solar Hydrogen Trends and many more

Super Capacitor : Sunavalut Energy and Supervault Energy and about 200 more grahene super capacitor companies.

By the way some LENR systems have the potential to with one gallon of sea water, power a vehicle for about 50,000 miles and create zero pollution in the process.

Just 1 gram of fuel can last six months.

LENR / Cold Fusion is very hot and very real, with temps reaching 1400 degrees Celsius and higher up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

Cold fusion always worked and it is the worst tragedy in mankinds history, when cold fusion was wrongly blackballed in 1989.

Which Canadian leader do you think, will act fast, and lead us in to a clean energy economy.

Please watch Acid Test and you will see we have to act fast.