Source : Brillouin Energy , PESNetwork

  • Francis J Varga

    why would they need to go on Edmonton Climate Watch to raise money. If their technology is promising, why aren’t the Asian governments who they claim to have expressed interest be wiling to finance whatever relatively small amount of money to keep their research going?

  • The Brillouin Energy video and all the solutions to climate change were added by me because they are one of the top solutions to climate change.
    Brillouin Energy did not ask to be on this website and none of the other inventors asked for their technology to be on this website.
    Also I encourage all governments and any related business’s to invest in the research, development and mass production of all these technologies.
    We are not going to solve the most import issue of our lives ( climate Change by sitting on the sidelines )
    I suggest we spend half the money we give oil companies in subsidies on new clean energy technologies like LENR related companies and Bloom Energy.
    Brillouin Energy should be ready for mass production within two years.
    I will be adding a lot of other clean energy technologies to the website, so I hope I do not offend anyone.
    We are trying to show there are solutions to climate change and we need our governments to invest in solutions, not fossil fuel expansion.

  • If half the money that was given to Big Oil in subsidies each year was invested in these technologies we would not have a issue with climate change and we would save a lot of money and be able to afford to drive across the country whenever we wish.
    The price of fuel will not be an issue.
    80% of all fossil fuels are used to heat factories and buildings.
    Brillouin Energy and other LENR related companies can heat these factories etc. with as little pollution or waste possible. almost none.
    There are several LENR related companies that will help change our world and if there was plenty of cash it would speed up the process a lot.
    Solar Hydrogen Trends another LENR related company can make hydrogen on demand and fully scalable. Capable of providing enough hydrogen for all forms of transportation.
    I have over 650 videos of the latest green invention breakthroughs since 2008.
    We are just getting started.