About The People’s Climate March In Edmonton

11/29/2015  2:00 pm

The Legislature, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On Saturday, April 29 / 2017, On the 100th Day of the Trump Administration, we will be in the streets of Washington D.C. and around the World, to show the world and our leaders that we will resist attacks on our people, our communities and our planet., Avaaz members around the world are taking part in a People’s Climate March. World leaders do not believe enough of us care about climate change this is why they are still not rising to the challenge of saving a healthy planet for mankind to thrive. But on Sat 12 PM · Churchill Square · Edmonton April 29 / 2017,  we will meet to march on The Alberta Legislature.

We will bring our solutions to the climate crisis and the problems that affect our communities to our leaders to demand action.

Come march with us to The Alberta Legislature on April 29 by 2:00 pm for a photo op in front of the Legislature. We will be having speakers and presentations discussing the importance of climate change, alternative energy sources and what we as a community can do!

Bring your hot chocolate.

Come join history in the making and March for climate, jobs, and justice.

See you all there!